Recreating Mouvement

creating Movement is a computer program for analysing film sequences and has been developed within a diploma thesis.
recreating movement With the help of various filters and settings Recreating Movement makes it possible to extract single frames of any given film sequence and arranges them behind each other in a three-dimensional space. This creates a tube-like set of frames that “freezes” a particular time span in a film. By using the keyboard the viewer can browse through the sequence of frames, chose any kind of view of the sequence of frames and influence the displayed frames directly via a displayable menu bar.

recreating movement

This project is a diploma thesis presented in July 2005 by Martin Hilpoltsteiner at the University of Applied Sciences Wuerzburg, Germany, Communication Arts .
Examiners: Prof. Erich Schoels, Prof. Kerstin Stutterheim.
Idea, concept, design, programming: Martin Hilpoltsteiner

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