Visual Sedimentation Javascript library is out !

We just release in open source the first version of VisualSedimentation.js.

Visual sedimentation is a JavaScript library for visualizing streaming data, inspired by the process of physical sedimentation. Visual Sedimentation is built on top of existing toolkits such as D3.js (to manipulate documents based on data), jQuery (to facilitate HTML and Javascript development) and Box2DWeb (for physical world simulation).

Data streams can be Tweets, SVN commits, RSS feeds, Email, etc. They can either be coming live, or generated from the dump of timestamped data. Data can also be a ratio that is reflected by the tokens flow density.
Visual Sedimentation is best used for continuously updated data (data streams). Therefore the overall process of running a visualization is a follows:

  • New data enter the charts under the state of token (similar as particles)
  • The token is processed by the physical engine and decay over time
  • Finally the token flocculates (i.e. it disappears) and the chart is updated accordingly

This library is part of AVIZ INRIA and IRI research project.
We value any comment and suggestion. So please visit our Google Group.

A workshop will happen in Fabelier the 20/02/2013 

If you want to know more about the design space behind Visual Sedimentation, also read the IEEE paper “Visual sedimentation“:

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visual sedimentation teaser