Polemic Tweet

During my work at IRI we design a service and a methode to enhance commenting and browsing experience on event video record. Using the microposts generated through social interactions during a live events. This methode allow to make visible the audience “polemical activity” ( exchange of arguments, counter-arguments and references) elicited by the talk, and use it as a tool to browse the video. To achieve it, we design a new interface that makes an advanced use of microposts..

The Polemic tweet experiment try to reply to this challenge. By making a clickable timeline of comment (here the tweet) with a color for I like / dislike / question / reference, we can simply visualise and browse the hotspot of the video .

To test it you can click here, it’s a Clay Shirky’s talk about cognitive surplus.

If you want more information you can this demo paper : Polemical video annotation by Twitter presented at Making Sense of Microposts (#MSM2011) a Workshop at the Extended Semantic Web Conference 30 May 2011.