Mojo : NewsFlow


NewsFlow is an interface for agregated data news feed. It’s present as an interactive streamgraph and treemap for journalists and individuals to explore time context of their own news production.
It’s can be make on top of an agregator like googleNews or googleReader.


“Time” : Shazna Nessa (AP),
give an overview of what is the News Room day to day production life, and how it speed.

“Too much data”: Mohamed Nanabhay (Al Jazerra) .
Too much information and not so much time for processing make noise. I think to solve this problem we have to recreate a temporal context.

Mohamed see this slide during is talk and have this expression “drowning in data”.
It’s just make me think they need a data stream ingest user interface to zoom out the flow.


NewsFlow is a agregation interface to visualize and annotate the stream of news in real time.
It’s allow user to see the trends and context of news production. As an interactive timeline you can browse it and filter it (particulary with the repetition rate) to see the news witch don’t speak of the same subject than the all stream.


the  interface have to be :

  • Synthetic
    Browse from the context of the agregation to go to the details of the article.
    The ability to make a zoom in / zoom out in the flow of news is the most important property of this project.
  • Open
    You can add the feed you want and mix it with others but also open as a technology (js+html5).
  • Interoperable
    Connect directly to a web standart syndication format to share it and browse it again.


Apply visualisation on journalism itself can be meaningfull for journalist to browse their archive and make link between different informations, take care of their own bias.
It’s can be usefull too for news junky, they can have a better view of trend and on a with a long time periode see some pattren of news.


Inside the lab :
Engin Erdogan  LinkingNews

Outside the lab :
Principal components analysis
Clustering algo
mediapart and periplus project
google news / d3.js …