Mojo : Etherpad NewsPaper


Etherpad News paper is a publication plateform addon (wordpress, drupal or other…) to manage a crowdsource review of text article.


In his talk Jeff Jarvis says “We allow comments only after we are done with what we’re doing. It’s inherently insulting. We finish our work or stories and say, Now you can talk about them.”.
Here the idea it’s to put reader as reviewer and cristalize the discussion arround the article as process of refine and enhance the news.


Etherpad Newspaper is a new way to considere comment as a review process. This tool allow user to direct hightlight the text and propose a correction/review if he give a sources to explicit his proposition. By hightlighting the text he is allow to share just this part. At the end the journalisme can see the different comment and correction and use it to integer in his article. The correction game enhance the possibility of link between information, and easily become a tool for debate.
Why etherpad ? because it’s to introduce this idea of direct correction inside the text. And have a timeline of the different review.


The tool will be based on the following principles:

  • Direct participation :
    User can easily annotate directly by hightlighting the text and make a special url by the segment discretize.
  • Open discussion :
    This module change the discussion state between journalist and reader to catalyse it in a participative mode.
  • Visualization navigation:
    As the VideoDirectComment player we can make a visualisation of all the editing process and create a polemic map of the text.

Who will benefit

Journalist : They open up their process and they benefit from wiki practice and contributor enrichement deeply on the media.

Readers : User can engage discussion in a serious process and on presise process to enhance the quality of information.

Connected with 

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