Mojo : Direct Video Comment


Direct video comment is a JavaScript module for popchorn.js to allow user to produce annotation and comment on the timeline of the video player itself . After highlighted their segment they can publish it and share on social network with mediafragment URL. At the end this player allow you to see the hotspot of the video by the visualisation timeline of comments.


Drowning in data”  Mohamed Nanabhay of Al Jazeera
A project like Al Jazerra Creative Commons Repository is a great initiative, but painfull to filter for journalism because their is not enough metadata on video.

Comment is essentially insulting to the publicJeff Jarvis
This is a really big problem, and particulary on the timesbased media wich are more difficult to discretize.


Direct video comment, is an opensource piece of javascript for plateform witch want to open video. It’s allow user to annotate video segment really quickly and deeply, and produce a lot of timestamped metadata. We will use a standart format to produce metadata and at the end all this metadata can be indexed by external and internal search engine. Add comment on video allow you to produce more metadata exposed it. Implement mediafragment allow you to make hypervideo a reality.


The module will be based on the following principles:

  • Direct participation :
    Make the user participation the more close to the media, and the more intuitively possible.
  • Open discussion :
    The module allow to discretize the media,but share the segment and spread it on social network.
  • Visualization navigation:
    To avoid the meaningless list of comment we will make a User interface witch integrate a visalisation of comment the timeline, it’s make an indication of the hotspot of video, and allow you to browse it by the social activity.
  • Embedable and spreadable :
    This module have to be embadable and spreadable as a youtube player.


Journalist : Now they can adress a segment of a video without cut it and les effort than ever. And by open the video annotation they can crowdsource the recognition task of hot segment.

Readers : User because they can express their own opinion on video and they have a good way to discretize the media, and at the end identify the hotsopt of the video with the viztimeline.

Connected with 

Inside the lab :
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Nicolas Doiron Mapa del sur 
Outside the lab :
Popchorn.js initiative
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