Exploration of data as rhythm

Click here for full screen version My work “Noise of…” was selected for the IEEE VisWeek 2011 Art show . Click on the picture to open it.

The principle of this work is to display statistical information as rhythms. The visualization is divided into a series of squares, each square representing a statistical fact or a series of facts (e. g. a heartbeat). Each square blinks in real-time according to the natural occurring rhythm of the fact it represents. Squares are positioned and sized subjectively in the display. By inverting the synthetic process of visualization, the author questions the relation between noise and information in our world.

Used data
  • Average of birth and death in the world
  • Average of a human heart pulse
  • The number of Barbies dolls sold during a year
  • The number of softdrink sold by Coca Cola
  • The number of Big Mac sold during a year
  • The number of child starved to death
  • The number of child become obese
  • Military budget expenditure (million $)
  • Education budget expenditure (million $)
Artist Statement 

I generally use and combine several digital techniques for defining my work but do not follow a systematic work pattern. My work has been mostly influenced by information and communication technology.

My work tends to explore the modality of an “actualization” process of the virtual. By “virtual” I refer to the scholastic definition: “a tree is virtually in a seed” and not the definition in which “virtual” is opposed to “real”. Actualization is the process of making the virtual happen – for instance when a webpage is refreshing. At this very instant something really interesting happens: the digital data takes a human readable shape. Actualization is the process and the instant of the instantiation of something virtual (information, model, theatre script…) in the world. I try to understand this very instant.

This piece “Noise of…” is about the feeling of absurdity when faced with several events in the world that are defined through statistics. The purpose of this piece is to show what is happening now in a critical way. Feeling the instant and rhythm of events changes the relation and distance to the information. I just select it, process the rate of an event, and represent it. The only objective information is its rhythm. This work does not try to make a synthetic view, but instead attempts to represent feelings of complexity.

VisWeek 2011 Art Show Catalog, Co-Chairs and Curators:
Daniel F. Keefe, University of Minnesota
Bruce Campbell, Rhode Island School of

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