elektronika become a freesoftware !

One of the best live video software Elektronika become free !
Yoy, is a pioneer in the field of video live software development.
He create Aestesis his first vjing software in 1995 on dos os.
And after Aestesis98 in 1997 on windows 95, I don’t know if you remember that but it’s work with a 3Dfx card to export your screen. And all the time this pioneer philosophy guide Yoy in his work.

I particularly follow the development of this software because for the V-atak team it was a pleasure to find this tool for our work. It was really good stuff. Eighth years of research and development in the way how to create the best modular tools for vidéo live.

One of the best part of this software is the modular philosophy. For creation in live it’s really exiting ! You can connect every video input with every video output put an player here send it to a mixer or an effect an re mix re mix re mix ….
You can map every control you want on every IHM, or just assign a value in a time line on every control. Just Crazy man ! This software Is created to manage video flow ! And you can lost you in !
Elektronika is a perfect solution for the video streaming control of little structure to, like web tv, theatre or other, not for encoding and diffuse but like a digital video controler.

At this time the vjing’s software interface take a new way, more oriented on time line analogy for a better use of the sequencer part and controle of sound. But you can’t do the same things with.
I think elektronika is more like the Swiss Army Knife of the VJ, you can put what you want in the input and have what you want in the output, between the both DIY with module !

Thanks yoy !