Design Meta Data

At the Institute for Research and Innovation of the Pompidou Center, Nicolas Sauret, Vincent Puig and myself founded “Design Metadata” Workshop.
This workshop was born from the need of understanding and methodologies exchange between designer and engineer students. The first edition gather together one design school and one engineering school. After tree editions the tree majors design school of Paris (ENSAD, ENSCI, Strate College) and different engineering school (ESILV,ECP,ETIC) send us some selected students to work on innovation interactive design project.
The subject, change over edition, first was “Video and annotation”, “Visualization and journalism” for the second, and the third “Digital Remix and Mashup”.During this intense 3 month interdisciplinary workshop the student design, develop, prototype, and present a team project.Then they show it during a real public event in the Pompidou Center.

Now the Workshop is running by Nicolas Sauret, Raphael Velt, Elodie Bongrain.

You would find the incredible work done by the students, on the IRI Youtube channel.

Here the page dedicated to each session :